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Free Phone Consultation

Hands-On Decluttering & Organizing

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How We'll Work Together

1. Walk

Our session will start with a walk and a look at the spaces that you want to organize

2. Talk

  • Tell me what’s working, and what’s not

  • Share with me what organized means for you

  • Identify areas of need

  • Prioritize needs and desired outcomes

  • Set goals for our work session based upon your priorities

3. Do

  • Explore different options for meeting the goals we set

  • Select a process and get started

  • We’ll redirect our focus and take breaks as needed

4. Review

  • Throughout our work, we’ll monitor our progress and energy 

  • 20-30 minutes before the end of our session, transition to clean up and final review

  • At the end of the session, we’ll recap what we did

  • We’ll talk about maintenance or outline next steps 

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