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My Aim

It's my aim to help you create a calm, organized home. An organized home offers a sanctuary from stress and can be a springboard for success. That has been my personal experience. It is why I do what I do.


What does organized mean to you? Why is it important? What does it look like? How does it feel? It's my aim to help you realize your vision! Together we can:

  • Create systems for managing your paperwork

  • Organize your garage or storage unit

  • Prepare to move or downsize

I work side-by-side with my clients. I assist with the decision-making processes as we declutter. I provide ideas and strategies as we organize. Together we can:


I am an accountability partner, coach, and cheerleader throughout the process.

When you Aim to Organize, I’m here to help!

Professional Expertise

Professional Expertise

I am a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, and have served on the board of the San Diego chapter. Before founding Aim to Organize in 2016, I was a classroom teacher for 25 years. I hold a Masters of Arts degree in teaching.

I am passionate about learning and teaching. I understand various learning and thinking styles. My aim is to equip and empower my clients with the skills for getting and staying organized.

I work with clients who have ongoing difficulties with organization due to ADHD, anxiety, brain injury, and other cognitive challenges. through my years in the classroom, working side-by-side with clients, and earning a NAPO Specialist Certificate in Brain-Based Conditions, I have acquired a wide-range of organizing strategies to meet individual needs.

I have also completed a NAPO Specialist Certificate in Life Transitions. I am prepared to assist clients who need to reorganize due to changes in housing, health, employment, or family dynamics.



I have been working with Marguerite since 2017, and cannot imagine life without her. 


She helps keep my business and personal records in order.  She also helps keep my social calendar in order, and my priorities in focus.   


          — Liz, Temecula

I  love working with Marguerite!  We accomplish my goals and I never feel that I have to let go of anything I’m not ready to.  She is very businesslike, too — always very punctual, which I like very much.


          — Mary, Oceanside


What I really like about working with Marguerite is that we are able to talk about the pain points in my space and then collaborate on creative solutions.  It’s more than just moving things around, mentally I feel a sense of flow and clarity in the rooms she’s helped me organize." 


          —Cynthia, San Diego

I couldn't have gotten through all the scary paperwork lurking in our garage, closets, and home office, without your support. You've given me new ways to figure out what stays and what goes, and now making those decisions is faster and less painful.

Our home is lighter, brighter and happier this summer, thanks to Aim to Organize.

          —DJ, Oceanside

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Life Transitions
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